About Kiran Chakravarti

My name is Kiran Chakravarti, it is not as search engines think spelt chakravarthy! Kiran Chakravarti has been capturing photos of the natural world for over 10 years and this site is a place I can share these experiences with you.  

Macro photography is my main interest although I do like astrophotography to.  In fact you can see some of my other snaps here.  Over time I hope to grow this site and provide photo tutorials, tips and tricks.  I hope that others can learn from my photography experience.  

I also have a variety of other interests including:

These include Lucid Dreaming, Piano, Yoga and Meditation.  Don't forget to book mark this site or subscribe so that you don't miss a single update!  


This site is a constant work in progress.  Don't forget to bookmark it so that you don't miss a single update.   

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